When pets become substitutes

They have appointments with the hairdresser, they wear expensive cloaks and they have their nap on the pillow next to their owner – many of today’s pets live a life that is far from being natural.

Is that fashionable or already out of line? (by creatingonline.com)

People tend to treat their pet as if it were human when they do not have a human being in their life that they can share their time and emotions with.

So the animal has to function as an abnormal ersatz, because all the emotions are transferred onto it.

It has to be questioned if this behaviour helps to increase the well-being of the animal as well as the human or if it rather causes bad side effects.

On the one hand this behaviour can be rather harmless. The owner takes his pet wherever he goes, buys special food for it and maybe talks to it when he is alone.

Many elderly people have pets in order to care for someone and not to be all alone. Their pets give their life a meaning and the animals keep them from being depressed or at home all the time. If someone really has lost everyone he loved, a pet can be a certain comfort.

When a pet becomes an accessory

On the other hand there are some people – mostly celebrities – that only hold pets as status symbols.

The animals are merely toys or some kind of trend item to them. Therefore they designs special clothes collections for them, buy diamond collars and decorate whole rooms for them.

However, beneath the glamour the pets are an ersatz for those people, too. Maybe their life lacks someone who they can fully trust into and who doesn’t contradict in any way.

But the way these pets are formed into toys is beyond every natural relationship between human being and animal.

It has to be kept in mind that every animal once was part of the wilderness. Dogs have wolves as ancestors, cats originally were wild and not domesticated and it’s the same with every other pet.

Dogs are still animals

Some of the instincts and needs that the original animals had are still present – dogs for example still like to dig holes and to chase other animals.

If these needs are suppressed, the animals might become dangerous. For it is against their nature they might try to break free from their role by behaving aggressively.

However, if you have a look at Chihuahuas – they really need to wear a coat in winter if they are not to freeze.

As we have seen above, it need not always be bad if the relationship between humans and their pets is really close.

But it is important to differentiate between the single kinds of pets and then to treat every animal as natural as possible.

And as long as neither the human nor the animal suffers severe problems because of the relationship the whole issue can be seen rather relaxed.

Fact is: Not only the dog, but also every other animal can take over the place of the best friend of a human being. And who wouldn’t treat his best friend as good as he can?

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