Has the emancipation made men powerless?

They were strong, they were mighty, they were always right – men in former times. But the emphasis lies upon “were” – past tense.

After the emancipation of women some men feel emasculated, deceived of their natural position in society. That the women’s emancipation movement didn’t only have negative effects on men will be shown in the following.

Now that both sexes have almost equal rights it also means that they have almost the same duties.

Men are no longer expected to watch over the whole family’s business and make important decisions on their own, but women do so as well. That means less stress for the male head of the family.

However, in the term “the same duties” the household is also included. Carrying the waste bag to the bin or hovering are no longer pure women tasks. But taking over some of the other sexes’ duties means a better progress for everyone.

Struggle in the working sphere

Another achievement of the emancipation is the fact that more and more women are allowed to work in the same jobs as men. The result is that men feel replaced and threatened.

In fact the different views and tactics of women can help in negotiations and therefore men really feel endangered.

This ancient way of thinking makes many men doubt themselves and their abilities rather than motivate them to try to achieve the best result possible – even if it means to cooperate with a woman.

However, it is a fact that most of the companies have inofficial women quotas.

That means that sometimes women are selected for a job only because there are too many male employees in the company. Some men understand that as a kind of discrimination and in fact it is.

Holds true for relationships

In addition to the first paragraph it has again to be emphasised that equal rights come with equal duties.

Again: these duties can help to figure out the best possible options – even in a relationship.

If two partners try to compromise, their life will be much happier.

Depending on each other in terms of the education of their children, the everyday life or even when it comes to dreams and wishes for the future helps to avoid making mistakes and eases everything.

Concluding, it can be said that the emancipation changed the role of men a lot. But most of the consequences of this movement bring along very good aspects that help the society to develop.

If men feel like they have been betrayed or got lost along the way, it often is because of their hurt pride. Considering the argumentation above they had better acknowledge that working together with women can help them more than it can hurt them.




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