Is the CD dying?

While walking, while traveling, while driving a car – today music can be taken everywhere. Most people have iPods or other MP3-players, which they carry with them as naturally as their purse.

Some youth even use their mobile phones as portable ghetto blasters. The days of the heavy, impractical Discman, which played CDs, are over.

However, this is not necessarily the case concerning the CD as there are characteristic features that make the CD non-replaceable.

CDs never been as easily available as today

Top ten records of famous artists can be bought very cheaply not only in special music stores, but also in supermarkets. Older records like those of the “Comedian Harmonists” hardly cost any money at all.

Magazines and news papers add CDs to their products in order to make them more attractive.

And as CD-burners are included as a standard into computers these days, everybody is able to create, design and even record their own CDs.

Due to this, CDs are not only used to archive music, but also to share data like files or photos.

CD situation similar to other media

The fact that today CDs can be used to save other data besides music, is another feature that negates the death of the CD.

The case of the CD is comparable to that of other media that are considered to be out-dated: cassettes or gramophone records, for example. Both of these were once very frequent, but today they are no longer part of the everyday life in the 21st century.

However, neither the cassette nor the gramophone records have vanished completely. In both cases the function has been redefined or been specialized to a certain purpose, a special area of use.

Cassettes still are considered a save way to tape radio interviews and no DJ could imagine working without gramophone records.

The same will probably be the case concerning the CD. If the CD is not to be containing music in the future, it might instead contain data, books or anything else.

New inventions claim CD’s niche

That new inventions like podcasts, mp3s and blue ray open up new markets, is an undeniable fact. Their features are based on the latest scientific researches and the CD cannot compete with them.

However, there certainly were reasons why the CD became popular in the first place. The uncomplicated handling, the easy availability and the archive-functions of the CD are only some of those reasons.

On the basis of the fate of other media like the cassette and gramophone records it can be assumed that the CD will never “die out” completely.

However, its features and purposes might need to be redefined so that they can meet future needs of the consumers.

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