I wish I was a punk rocker (with flowers in my hair)

Today Darwin’s notion of ‘survival of the fittest’ is so much different from back then. When he entered that island and studied those birds and then turned to look at his human fellows with their swords and pistols, ‘the fitter survives the weaker’ must have been a head on observation.

But today we’ve got social systems, charity works and even though the concept of stronger and weaker still exists, it’s totally different from old Darwin’s days.

Who is weak and who is strong? Well, today everyone is struggling to outwit the others by doing more, knowing more (facts and people), caring more, bearing more, fighting more and trying to do whatever more there is to be done.

Whoever drops down first is the weakest link.

(Anyone who thinks of this dreadful BBC TV show hosted by Anne Robinson (“Der Schwächste fliegt”/ Sonja Zietlow in Germany) will have a pretty good idea of what society thinks of its ‘weakest links’.)

Let’s just briefly reconsider this idea: It seems that only those have a shot at winning the survival-of-the-fittest-run, who are willing to literally run. All the time. From one meeting to the next, from one job to the next better, from one helpful person to another. Until they drop down, exhausted – not so fit after all…

All I can say is that sometimes for just a second or two I’d wish that life was like in that song by Sandi Thom.  But then I get up and go on running.



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