Future technologies

Paul Brannan, the BBC’s deputy editor of the news website, is fascinated by new technology. He owns an Ipad and a smartphone and he has lots of ideas how the mobile news environment could change or improve.

And this old GPO video was indeed able to predict technologies of the 21st century with a scary precision: Webcams, skype, photocopiers – the imaginations of the author couldn’t be more correct. (Even the conversations, to some extent, are exactly what they would be like today…)

The obvious question: Can we predict the future too?

And: Can there be anything that transmits news faster than i.e. twitter? How much newer can news get?

The film ‘Minority Report’ offers some pretty good ideas about commercials in the future. In this movie peoples’ eyes are being scanned all the time (very CCTV) in order to individualise commercials and announcements.

The eyes offer the same individual information about a person as the fingerprints and once we’re over ‘I know where you are, ‘cause I can track your mobile’ the eye-scan might actually be a devise of the future.

(Anyone who has seen the film also knows that the Tom Cruise character has to have his eyes cut out and replaced and has to hide in a bathtub full of ice to escape the evil ‘George Orwellish’ system. So that idea might have its downsides…)

Crazy technoligies made in Japan

A technological device that already exists is the ‘Finger Whisper’. The ‘Finger Whisper’ is a Japanese phone that looks like an ordinary watch.

Whenever a call has to be made or received, the owner simply puts his indication finger into his ear and viola! – can have ‘normal’ phone conversation. The incoming vibrations are being transferred into speech signals. A microphone inside the watch allows a respond.

Now, can you please put your indication finger into your ear and ‘whisper’ into your watch? Does that feel like a potential future technology? Probably not. The phone was invented in 2003 and I don’t think that it left Japan so far…

However, whatever the technologies of the future might be – I can’t wait to see and try them.








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