3D gets dirty

Movie theatres watch out – those 3D glasses might be snatched away in larger numbers from now on: Youporn has released the first few 3D videos.

According to the survey website alexa.com, Youporn ranks on the 72th place of the most popular websites worldwide.

Now that they have all sorts of body parts springing at the visitors from the screen, those rankings might be further pushed up.

This ‘invention’ was kind of obvious.

I mean, when cuddly Disney characters can invite you to be part of the story or you can suddenly fly, fight and almost feel with the heroes and villains of any movie – why not extend that concept to porn?

People watching these videos probably enjoy being an anonymous voyeur. With the 3D option they might now feel that they’re even closer to the scene.

But whether one thinks this (not only the 3D bit, which I think is rather funny, but also porn in general) is a good or bad thing – applying 3D filming to porn is filling a rather obvious niche with up-to-date techniques.

Now, one might say that this is never going to work. No one is supplied with the equipment that would allow to actually contribute.

And admittedly there are only few videos in Youporn’s 3D section so far.

But there is ‘help’ on the way.

In form of a small, cute gadget that reminded me instantly of the Disney character ‘Wall-E’.

The 3D web cam 'Minoru'.

In the United Kingdom a web cam called ‘Minoru 3D’ has been invented that enables the recording of 3D home videos.

Well, I don’t know whether it was Minoru’s inventor’s idea to support the thriving of the online porn industry, but they might be part of a breakthrough in that area anyway.


Editor’s note:

I realise that porn is a controversial topic. And it wasn’t (and cannot be) my goal to discuss porn in general and all its aspects.

Anyways: However you think about this, feel encouraged to share your opinion.

Read Cecilia Cotterino’s thoughts about porn.

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2 Responses to 3D gets dirty

  1. Avinash says:

    hi i would say controversial or not you dared to put the topic on your blog. but the headline couuld have been something witty..but I would say of the blogs that I have read yours is most innovative, liked the video bit n the way you have used pictures..very neat work.. carry the good work on..

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