A womanizer’s secrets – part 2

The majority of guys seem to think that becoming a ‘womanizer’ is a desirable thing. But unfortunately they don’t quite seem to know how to get there.

Luckily, there are magazines like the German issue of Men’s Health and guys like a certain Lennie who claim to provide all the answers.

Here are the final four rules that are supposed to make guys way more successful with women. (If you missed the first part, you can find it here.)

6. ‘You mustn’t play the seducer but the admirer.’

Lennie says: Usually I do nothing to seduce women. I wait until they seduce themselves. I don’t own candles, but I own wine.

Lennie doesn't need candles.

I say: First of all: you shouldn’t ‘play’ either one. If you are good at ‘seducing’ it will probably be as appreciated as true admiration.

A relationship (or even an evening) where a woman has to seduce herself (what does that even mean??) is nothing but sad.

7. ‘You should learn how to turn her on in bed and not do all the work.’

Lennie says: Women need to feel that they’re not in bed with a schoolboy. You have to find a compromise between being egoistic and a sex-slave.

I say: That’s actually the first thing I can agree on.

8. ‘Forget the ‘conquerer-demeanor’, be a discoverer.’

Lennie says: Women tell me: “Lennie, you find out what I want and you give it to me over and over again.”

I say: Finding out what a woman wants is definitely a good thing. (Even though you might not be as skilful as Mel Gibson in “What women want“.)

But repeating it over and over again? Come on guys – that’s just too easy.

9. ‘You need to know who you are and what kind of guy you are.’

What kind of guy are you? (by Ernest von Rosen)

Lennie says: The direct way to being a womanizer is to be a real man in harmony with yourself.

I say: There’s some truth in there. But you should keep in mind that being in harmony with yourself (as a guy) doesn’t necessarily mean being in harmony with women.

It’s always good to know who you are and what you want, but a relationship is also about merging two personalities together.

So you might want to be a little flexible too.

10. ‘Don’t be afraid.’ – That’s actually my rule.

Very often I notice that guys miss out on their chances because they’re shy or afraid. They take this whole thing to seriously.

The chances that you ‘lose’ when you approach a woman with a half-decent, but honest line like ‘Hey, I couldn’t help to notice you because you are…” aren’t too high.

Just go for it, guys. You might be pleasantly surprised.

And: Don’t listen to guys like Lennie who claim to have it all sorted out. They’re often the ones who don’t get the first thing about women.

Good luck.

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3 Responses to A womanizer’s secrets – part 2

  1. Sebastian says:

    There is no single set of rules that can get you any woman’s affection. Lennie seems to have founds his groove, and that’s okay with me – it’s magazines like Men’s Health that need to stop handing out “universal rules”. And so should you, I might add, because knowing how to get in with you does not equal knowing how to get in with any woman.

    • First, thank you for your comment.

      I don’t think that these rules would help to ‘get in with me’ and I wasn’t trying to hand out universial rules and I don’t think I did.

      I only set up one rule, which is pretty universial, I know, but on the other hand it’s not a bad thing to follow it – no matter in what situation.

  2. sssourabh says:

    A very cool post, and lots of points to ponder about. Your writing is one of the few types that actually caters both to guys and girls alike, providing equal perspective. Great job!

    Just wanted to drop a line that I have also added you to my links page, as I think yours is an amazing blog that I certainly follow often. Looking forward to connect soon!


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