Rihanna at Westfield Mall a disappointment

When I heard: Rihanna would be there. In London. Westfield Mall. Giving a show for free – Rihanna! And while at it she would turn on the Christmas lights, nothing could keep me from travelling the 40 (!) minutes during rush hour to get there.

Large crowds were waiting for Rihanna at Westfield Mall, London.

When I reached the mall, people were pushing each other, stumbling over buggies, arguing with security guards who refused to let more people in.

There was no way to get close to the stage. People had been standing there for hours to get a glimpse on Rihanna.

What a funny strawberry-looking skirt.

When she finally entered the stage in a very strange red skirt that matched her flame-red hair and a little grey bustier top, the show was almost over.

A bunch of kids from Help a London Child joined her and together they counted down to switch on the Christmas lights. (Click on the image below to see a video of her switching on the lights.)

Rihanna cheering at the crowd

With a huge ‘bang’, fireworks and a cheering crowd plastic trees all over the place lit up in a wintery-blue light.

And that was it.

Rihanna waved at the crowed, blew a few kisses and left. No song, no nothing.

The question of ‘And that’s it?’ was asked all around. Fans who had waited there for hours couldn’t believe her flying visit.

How much does a 'Rihanna enlightenment' cost?

Unverified rumours had it that she was paid as much as a million pound to press the button. But that’s probably a little exaggerated.

Anyways: When someone comes along to promote her new album (issued on the 15th of November) you would expect her to sing as much as a line, right?

Well, she didn’t.

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