‘Bravo’ hands out break-up-rules

If they ever break up - now they know how. (By creatingonline.com)

Everybody seems to be breaking up these days. But breaking up is a tough thing. And somehow awkward no matter how smooth it goes.

However, the website of the popular German teen-magazine „Bravo“ offers not only one, but several article on “how to break up”.

Now, the question is: Is that a good idea? Should a magazine really suggest that ending a relationship gets easier once you follow a certain set of rules? Let’s have a look at these rules and judge afterwards.

Their first rule is ‘The Golden Rule’ taken straight from practical ethics: “Treat the other one in a way, you’d want to be treated.” I guess that’s a good maxim to follow – no matter what age.

It forces to consider each others’ feelings, to pay respect and preserve dignity despite of the break up.

Bravo.de further points out that you should physically meet your ‘partner’ on neutral ground to talk to him/ her.

They also say that there should be an open talk and the chance for questions about what went wrong and why. They regard that as necessary in order for both to move on.

Now, they also suggest that you should stick with your decision and not give in to pleads for a second chance.

Well, I don’t think that it should be put so categorically. He who says “A” hasn’t got to say “B” also.

How not to break up

Bravo.de also says that it is highly unfair to end a relationship via a text message or a friend. They remind the reading teenagers that they owe that to their relationship. And if they still chose to break up in an SMS, they wouldn’t understand the basic rules of friendship.

Well, teenagers might have seen “The Post-it breakup” in the TV series “Sex and the City”, where the main character Carrie is being dumped via a note stuck to her PC screen.

They might learn from this that breaking up feels a lot easier for the one breaking up when he/ she doesn’t deal with the other person directly. But Bravo.de is right: that’s just cowardly.

As a conclusion it can be said that all in all Bravo.de deals with the topic of breaking up in a rather responsible way.

And regarding the fact that teenagers are bugged by this topic the articles might even be a good thing.

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3 Responses to ‘Bravo’ hands out break-up-rules

  1. Narendran Menon says:

    Break up is painful no matter what rules a couple follows! But as you conclude the vulnerable youngsters would probably benefit from this site you refer to.

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