Does Kate have what it takes to be Queen?

Prince William of Wales is going to marry his long-term girlfriend Catherine Elisabeth ‘Kate’ Middleton next year in spring or summer, says BBC.

He had proposed on a holiday in Kenya in October, giving Kate his mother’s, late Princess Diana’s, Saphire-Diamond-engagement ring.

“It was very romantic,” said Kate, waving her shiny brown hair professionally at the BBC cameras. The flashing photo cameras make both William and Kate squinny their eyes.

When William looked into the cameras and told the BBC that they “both are very, very happy” in fact they didn’t look too much like it.

Now, what does that mean for England?

Nostradamus, the old diviner, predicted that there would be no King Charles the Third of England. And it looks as though he might be right again.

Because: If Queen Elisabeth had wanted to pass the crown on to her son Prince Charles who would be King Charles the Third, she might have done it by now. And we all know she didn’t.

So after her death Charles might pass on his right to the crown and instead hand over the scepter to his eldest son, William and his future wife Kate, who would then be Queen of England.

Charles took the engagement with British humor telling the BBC he was “thrilled” and that Kate and William had “practiced long enough”.

An almost normal relationship

Don’t we all still remember their break up in 2007 and how all the papers were full with it for weeks?

According to the London tabloid the Sun the break up was amicable. But they also said that it was William wasn’t paying Kate enough attention. A friend of Kate’s was quoted saying that Kate felt “the relationship was going backwards”.

Well, they seem to have worked that one out…

Did you know that it was Kate that pushed William to actually go through with his studies at St. Andrews University? The BBC says that when he found it hard to hang in there, she convinced him to stay nonetheless.

If that is true, Kate might have the qualities it takes to be the British Queen.

But today, the day they announced their engagement, they both looked pale, flattered with the attention and kind of uncomfortable in their own skin.

Watch BBC video or  Sky TV video on the engagement.


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2 Responses to Does Kate have what it takes to be Queen?

  1. avinash says:

    hey just a small correction, its the sky video you have uploaded n wrongly attributed BBC..cheers

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