What’s your hidden agenda?

The real story is the ‘backstory’ – or so I’ve been told. That’s supposed to mean: whatever you see on the surface, whatever people say, whatever you perceive as the truth isn’t what it seems to be.


What is she really after? (by cepolina.com)

Everybody and everything is following a more or less hidden agenda. And that is why people sometimes do things that must be decoded in the bigger context on their agenda.

It seems to me that such theories might grow into full blown conspiracy theories if you’re not careful.

There are many every-day-examples

But that the backstory-theory is true, can be proven with all sorts of examples. A child running from one parents to the other, playing them both in order to get something he wants has a ‘hidden’ agenda.

A lover cheating, a person tricking his way out of tax-paying and also politicians may all say and do things that are not really what they seem to be.

Basically everyone is involved.

But isn’t that sad. I know that it has been like this from Adam and Eve, but wouldn’t it be much preferable if people just said what they were after?

Why can they only get what they want if they cheat others and sneak out whatever they desire behind everybody’s back? Isn’t there always lying, tricking and probably something illegal involved?

Humans seem to work like that.The only thing we can do is acknowledge that.

We can only keep that in mind and probably the ‘alarm-bells’ ready to ring whenever somebody approaches you. That can get exhausting.

And it can lead to mistrusting everybody around you. But would you want to become part of somebody’s ‘backstory’ without you knowing it?

Your own agenda

What would it take to change your agenda? (By cepolina.com)

But while we’re trying not to let anyone crawl over us in order to reach the top, what is our own hidden agenda? What are you willing to do and sacrifice to get what you want?

If somebody matched your price, what would you do?

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