Youngsters love Mozart, Mahler and Co.

Youngsters and classical music – you might not think that these two go together. But in fact lately it does: classical music becomes more and more popular with youths.

The London Philharmonic Orchestra is fashionable with youngsters these days

When I went to see the London Philharmonic Orchestra in the Royal Festival Hall the other day, every time I mentioned it to a peer they said something like “Wow, that’s nice and relaxing.”

On facebook people post video links to their favorite classical videos, the itunes classical radio channels like run all day and youngsters start to debate whether they like Mozart or Bach.

Well, do you remember the times when classical music was only for ‘nerds’. When a trip to a concert hall was the same as walking in the woods with your parents on a Sunday: boring?

What has changed that?

My best guess: David Garett and Co. Having a rather good looking guy play the violin helps (same with the Eurovision Song Contest last year – remember?). Having cute characters like Susan Boyle and Paul Potts sing opera songs helps, too.

Furthermore youngsters have discovered the soothing features of classical music. “I always listen to it while studying or when I need to rest,” is what they often say.

In these stressful days something new was needed to calm down. And classical music seems to do that trick.

Also we are more and more acquainted to classical music being popular. Many ads use classical music these days to sell their products. And what helps to sell something like a car is likely to make its way into popular culture.

Old perception still in place

The strange thing is that adults seem to hold on to their old perception of youths and classical music. In the West Park School in Derby in the Midlands of England, classical music is used for “special detentions”.

And the strange shower of classical music at Hamburg’s main station (also at the bus stop in Harrow on the Hill, London) is there to distract drug addicts. The music is supposed to make it impossible for them to actually do drugs.

So is classical music rather a weapon that soothing?

I don’t think so. To some people it might still seem like that, but I think that the movement of young people towards loving and appreciating classical music is a sure thing.

Still, it might be a little early to place a classical CD under the Christmas tree…

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