Men fear concealer and cardigans

Girls will know this very well: When you go somewhere with a guy it is very likely that he’ll ask you to carry his wallet, phone and keys in your purse. And the minute you suggest he takes his own bag he looks at you like you just said: ‘Why not put on a skirt?’

She will have to carry all of his stuff - no wonder our feet hurt so often. (By Malingering)

Now, it’s official. A multi-answer question study by (posted by London’s Metro paper) revealed that men have developed phobias for a large range of beauty products.

According to this study 67% of the asked men “fear”: CONCEALER! most  of all. Foundation is on rank 6 with 31% – why do they fear foundation less than concealer? Irrational bunch…

Seriously?! Do guys actually think that putting something like make-up or concealer on is womanly?

What men don’t understand

(Because I guess that’s why they fear using beauty products and fashion items: they fear risking being called ‘gay’.)

But: We (women) use make-up to look more pretty and to conceal the temporary flaws  nature has thrown upon us. Do you (men) not think you could use some of that??

The list goes on: 54% are afraid of skinny jeans. Ok, that I get.

49% fear fake tan. Now, somebody please tell me that fake tanned weightlifters or actors are sooo unmanly…

What can a little make-up do to you? (by

44% fear ‘man bags’, which the survey translated in brackets as ‘male handbags’ – now the needed translation is evidence enough that men needed to rename something like a bag in a downgrading way in order to distance from it. How childish (and obvious) is that?

Men are also afraid of fashion.

38% fear wearing a cardigan and 17% fear wearing a sleeveless vest. Congrats, boys, with your irrational fears you’re missing out on big fashion trends.

Probably you should have a look at the big fashion shows from time to time. Do Calvin Klein or Hugo Boss models look gay to you?

Anyways, that men prefer missing out on some things in order to keep up their ‘straight’ reputation is fine by me – though not totally understandable.

What’s not ok is that I get to carry your stuff all day, because you’ll obviously refuse to carry my women’s purse for a second!

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3 Responses to Men fear concealer and cardigans

  1. Sebastian says:

    You can dress me up in cardigans and vests all day long if you like 🙂

  2. sssourabh says:

    Wow this is too funny! Do you have a source for results/data besides the aformentioned URL? Would definitely love to read more!

    I’m definitely not a fan of man-makeup or manbags. I like messenger bags, which I sport as it keeps the camera and/or laptop in place. With regards to products, I think hair gel and cologne is a guy’s staple. However, I have noticed that a dab of concealer for guys (actually very available and surprisingly popular in corporate settings) can rewind age, wipe out a late night party, and just seem fresher! Definitely a good series of pros to give it a try!

    With regards to fashion, I’m honestly really really surprised with cardigans – they are awesome! And like every Asian/European/American city I’ve been in has major retailers selling only cardigans, and a huge chunk of the population in them too! At least in the last 3ish years. Oh well, maybe I’m just seeing a niche!

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