Fish are eating my feet – well, the bad parts of them

Water. Human feet in it. Dozens of fish on them, not letting go. What sounds like a scene from a scary piranha movie in fact is the latest beauty fad: A fish pedicure.

A fishy pedicure at Camden Market, London. (by

People dip their hands, feet or whole bodies into aquariums full of toothless Garra Rufa fish to get rid of dead skin.

Practically, these fish feed on all the ‘problem areas of the skin: hard parts, cracked heels and blisters.

The fad occurred in Japan first, but now it has spread to America and Europe (Wikipedia). Everywhere people are willing to pay good money to get an appointment with ‘the doctor fish’.

Originally the Gurra Rufa were used to treat psoriasis. Some patients were completely cured after repeated treatments (Wikipedia).

In London you can experience the fish pedicure in Camden Market, where you can treat yourself to “sandal ready skin” with the help of the little nibbling fish.

A company called “Zoola Fish” is operating two aquariums filled with chilled water right inside the market.

How the pedicure goes

If you want the fish to turn your feet ‘baby soft’, you need to clean them with a wet towel first (provided at the stand).

The you put your feet amongst hundreds of Garra Rufa, which start to suck and nibble right away to turn the pedicure into a ‘soothing massage’ at the same time.

On the ‘Zoola Fish’ website it says: “Since February 2010, over 10,000 people have dipped their feet’ into their little pools.

Now, if not the fact that fish are eating your skin, knowing that 10,000 people before you have enjoyed the nibblers is gross. Isn’t it?

I mean, mites do the same in your bed and whenever we see a picture of them, we are disgusted at the idea that they eat our dead skin.

So how come, people are obsessed with skin-eating fish now?

Probably it is because you can choose whether or not you like that treatment. And taking care of your feet can be a very dreary exercise. So you would rather fish took care of it…

Anyways, I think it is worth a try.

The UK version of Cosmopolitan magazine says that 11 am is the recommended time for the fish pedicure at Camden Market. (15 min/ £10, 30 min/ £18)

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2 Responses to Fish are eating my feet – well, the bad parts of them

  1. sssourabh says:

    I’ve seen this live, by the way, its a little freaky looking when you see a lovely woman in a spa like setting with these mini parasite looking things lurking around in masses. The people who got it done said its calming, and at most like pins and needles. Not fun to look at though!

  2. fireflights says:

    There’s a booth in an ocean park here in Manila, my family and I tried it! They may seem scary at first but I got used to it. 😀

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