Math might say you’re ugly

Tutankhamun‘s tomb and every pretty human face have something in common: their beauty is by no means incidental, but structured by a mathematical rule. The golden ratio.

Beauty is a matter of math. Try for yourself at

Even before Leonardo da Vinci could get out his pen to draw his study of the human body, the Egyptians built their pyramids and temples according to the divine proportion (also called golden ratio or golden section).

According to this rule, anything that follows its implied mathematical principle is of ‘ideal beauty’. Meaning: If the space between your eyes, the shape of your nose and chin and the length of your ears matches the golden ratio (a constant equal to 1.61803398875) you’re drop-dead pretty.

Of course there is a more exact way to put this. The following geometric proportions must be measured to determine how close you are to ideal beauty (according to

  • Distance between eyes/ nose width
  • Head height/ face height
  • Face height/ (face height – chin height)
  • (Face height – chin height)/ mouth width
  • Face width in the mouth area/ nose length
  • Head height/ face width in the eye area
  • Face width in the eye area/ (face height – chin height)
  • Face height/ forehead height

Measure your own face

That’s too theoretical for you? Well, try it out for yourself. Upload a picture of you at and follow the instructions. After you are done the program will tell you what exactly is wrong with your face in terms of ideal beauty. mentions that according to biological studies during the 1970s – 1990s patterns that follow the golden ratio can be found everywhere in nature. Not only in the human face, but also in viruses and plants.

With what does this information leave us besides the philosophical wish for beauty to be more than an equation?

Well, I guess, with the slightly awkward realisation that we like and dislike people immediately because of some instinct-esthetical rule in our subconscious.

The beauty of people around you

Now, take a good look at the people who are closest to you. Are their faces beautiful?

How about people you secretly fancy and those who you don’t like talking to – might it be the golden ratio that drives you?

Well, even if your face’s mathematics get close to ideal beauty – telling someone he was just as beautiful as an Egyptian pyramid might not be a good idea after all.

Want to calculate the divine propotions of other things? Try this new golden ratio app.

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4 Responses to Math might say you’re ugly

  1. Sebastian says:

    You could have told us your score, you know 🙂

  2. fireflights says:

    I think you have a nice site, I want to subscribe.

    And thanks for this, I can now tell if I’m math-aesthetically pleasing. :))

    • Thank you so much! I really appreciate your feedback. 🙂
      I can’t believe you tried the fish – I would like to try that too.
      But right now it is snowing – so my feet would probably freeze. 😀

      Please keep telling me whether you like my stuff or not. 😉
      Looking forward to reading more of your comments.

  3. Nini says:

    I really like your article about “Math might say you’re ugly”!! Yours Nina

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