How to be a better person

The four weeks of advent is the time for every Christian to calm down and try to refocus on the really important things. One is: ‘How can I be a better person?’

Two candles are already lit - time to be a better person. (by 3268zauber)

That’s exactly what  Reverend Jason Rendell told the worshippers at the service at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Matthew 3, 1-12 describes the story of John the Baptist, who does not refuse to baptise Pharisees and Sadducees in the river Jordan, but demands that they ‘bear fruit worthy of repentance’ afterwards.

Now, that is the crucial point. The whole repentance bit is not about the past. The past is over and forgiven up to that point. It doesn’t matter anymore.

Even if you did not do much good in the past, asking for forgiveness and being granted the very same offers you a fresh start.

‘It is all about fresh choices,’ Reverend Rendell said. Salvation and transformation were going to follow,’ he added.

How it’s going to work

Well, I don’t know about the ‘salvation’ bit, but the ‘transformation’ is going to happen for sure. It comes quite naturally with the ‘changing your ways for the better’ part.

Now, you might think that being a better person might be hard and you don’t quite know how. Of course the Reverend had an answer to that, too.

‘In your own small ways try to be fairer to others, be faithful and merciful and try to make your life more peaceful,’ Rendell suggested.

‘When the Lord comes he will disclose the purposes of the heart,’ it said in one prayer. But why wait?

Being fair is hard but not impossible, being faithful and merciful just the same – probably peacefulness is the hardest thing to achieve, but it might just happen along with the others.

‘Advent’ – means ‘He is coming’. And while he’s still approaching why not try to be better people? I would love to witness and be part of that.

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