‘Run, pudding, run’ – for cancer research

If you happened to spot a Santa running as fast as he could carrying a Christmas pudding on Saturday in the Covent Garden area, you might have walked into London’s 30th Great Christmas Pudding Race.

Sanats waiting to be given their share of Christmas pudding.

Teams of six dressed up at Mexicans, Food or Santas ran a little running course for a good cause: All pudding donations went straight to the organisation Cancer Research UK.

As I have lost a very dear friend some years ago to a brain tumour, I would like to use this opportunity to address the matter of cancer again.

The German cancer research organisation ‘Krebsinformationsdienst‘ estimates that in 2010 450,000 people will be diagnosed with cancer – the numbers are rising compared to 2004 and 2006.

Even though the risk of getting cancer rises with age, it also affects young people. Leukaemia and lung cancer being the most frequent forms in young years.

More figures

Let me equip you with some more figures: Every fourth case of death was due to cancer in Germany in 2006. Lung cancer being the most fatal for men, breast cancer for women.

The numbers of male cancer patients is falling, the number of females rising.

When diagnosed with cancer the average patient has five more years to live. Fortunately, that is a long enough time to give the treatments a good chance at curing patients entirely.

Still, there are some forms of cancer like pancreas cancer, lung cancer and oesophageal cancer which still are considered hard to treat.

Now, there are some rather easy ways to try and prevent cancer (according to Cancer Research UK) – even though there is no guarantee, of course:

  • do not smoke
  • cut back on alcohol
  • keep a healthy body weight
  • eat healthy and balanced
  • keep active
  • stay safe in the sun
  • avoid certain infections

Do something against cancer

I hope, cancer will never happen to you. Losing someone to that vicious disease made me realise that it is not something that only happens to others.

Please, if you can, donate something to a cancer research organisation, have yourself tested whether you are a possible donator for someone and try to keep yourself safe.

Here’s more pictures of the pudding race:

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