Men fear to be ridiculed when sick

It is flu season, the time of the year when men turn into whimpering lumps on the couch, unable to move or wipe their own noses. Well, women might want to consider not being too harsh on their beloved cry babies as they fear going to the doctor by now.

Men don't want to be called cry baby anymore. (by pflover at

The ‘Daily Express‘ claims that men ‘are refusing to seek medical assistance (…) because of fear of being ridiculed over “man-flu“’.

According to a new health study, 52% state that the term “man-flu“ keeps them from seeking advice. Another 40% say that it takes away their legitimacy to be ill.

Now, now, men isn’t this being a cry baby all over again?

Well, Peter Baker from the Men’s Health Forum thinks that ‘these attitudes could mean serious health conditions are being left undetected’.

Contrary to common beliefs men would not complain too much, but keep everything to themselves. They would even feel that they might be wasting their GPs time, Baker told the Daily Express.

It’s a global debate now

This issue seems to be so pressing that the New York Times took a look at it. They talked to various experts all over the states with relatively unsurprising outcomes.

They say that people believe women can take more pain because of child birth. But there are tests (run by professors and doctors) that prove that men can take more pain be it hot, cold, chemical or electrical over a longer period of time.

But they also say that men don’t admit they are in pain to other men. Only when they hurt themselves at sports. The only person they’ll openly tell about their pain is their partner.

The male blogger Derek Semmler admitted that while he was lying on the couch re-watching old sitcoms, his wife would still take care of the kids, the household and him while she was sick.

I guess that is probably why the image of the moaning sick male cry-baby still persists. As long as women are being called the ‘weak sex’ and men still get to whine about illnesses, the term ‘man-flu’ will not be abolished.

I think that being called the ‘strong sex’ should probably involve being responsible enough to get over the term ‘man flu’ and see a GP after all. Even though wives and girlfriends will have to drive men there.

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