Coming home for Christmas?

Even though we’re living in the 21st century, something as delicate and innocent as snow literally can make the world stop moving.

The website of British Airways offers nothing but this bleak picture these days.

I was supposed to leave England on Sunday, but I’m still sitting here, staring at the comparatively small amount of snow that has caused this huge amount of trouble.

When the newspapers proclaimed ‘We have enough salt – this year – to cope with heavy snow’ as early as in November (Metro) and then said ‘We might not have enough salt after all’ (Daily Mail) I should have known that this country is really bad at dealing with winter conditions.

But instead, used to more severe German winters, I enjoyed watching the light snowfall, not thinking for a single moment that it might force me to be away from home for Christmas for the first time ever.

Luckily, I didn’t get stranded at Heathrow airport. Alarm-red boxes on the British Airways‘ website ordered me to not go to the airport under any circumstances.

It’s just snow! Deal with it!

Isn’t is amazing how nature still has the final say in what we do?

Some frozen water will keep families apart, make people sleep on the floor next to people they never met before and probably ruin the nicest holiday of the year for me.

You’d think that the discovery of what fire, salt and hot water do to snow would prevent something like this to happen. But year after year people just can’t cope with the winter weather.

I really wonder why. Any suggestions?

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One Response to Coming home for Christmas?

  1. sssourabh says:

    Agreed, pretty snow makes travel a nightmare. The first thing to blame is regulation, which agreeably is there for our safety, but honestly, if there is even a 1% risk, companies aren’t willing to take it to transport people. (Which may be okay after all, if you think about it). There are also waaaay fewer people doing the cleanup than doing the travel. Hence the delay. The other thing is, its not like there is more snow (well, maybe slightly more), I think there is just more of us, and with the commoditization of flying (its almost like a taxi now), the problems continue to plague. Trust me I’ve pondered over this every single time I’m STUCK. Much luck!

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