Germany has ‘real’ vampires

Ever since the hype about vampires started, dozens of books and movies have flooded the world depicting the ways vampires live and – sometimes more importantly – die.

Whether they're real or fake - vampire teeth seem to be fashionable these days.

As this new cult persists one is tempted to ask: How much of this is real?

No matter whether they’re soft as Edward Cullen (Twilight) and Stephen Salvatore (Vampire Diaries) or rough like Eric Northman (True Blood), they all cannot live without their vampire teeth.

But whereas theirs are fake, there actually are some people that believe to be vampires. They have their teeth sharpened (find a photoshop tutorial  here) and they drink blood.

The German newspaper “Welt Kompakt” has met a 42-year-old man who calls himself ‘Anubis‘ (the jackal-headed Egyptian god of mumification and death) and claims to be a vampire.

“I am very open about my nature and never hide. If somebody isn’t able to deal with what I am, he should leave me alone,” Anubis told the newspaper.

The issues of real vampires

They have met him in broad daylight, his eyes covered with sunglasses. Of course he has to cover up his tattooed arms (one arm has Egyptian motives, the other Wicking) – Anubis is literally allergic to the sun.

Anubis said in the interview that many vampires lead a ‘double-live’ – parents who sneak out at night to satisfy their need for human blood.

In so called ‘BloodBars’ vampires can meat willing donators. “It is just like walking in any other bar,” Anubis told the Welt Kompakt. “You basically go round and say: I want this one and that one and that one.”

Anubis knows right away which human he wants to taste. He can guess the taste from smelling the possible donator.

Despite of the sharpened teeth there is no biting. Violence is a taboo in the vampire scene. The blood is collected in sterile cannulas – ready to be drunk at body temperature.

But the human body can only take as much as 30 millilitres of blood the Welt Kompakt points out as it is a foreign matter for the human stomach.

How to know you are a real vampire

As early as at the age of eight Anubis knew that he craved blood: His father was a butcher who gave him the fresh blood of butchered cows to drink.

But: Being a vampire is nothing you can learn or inherit. “Either you are one, or you’re not,” Anubis says.

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3 Responses to Germany has ‘real’ vampires

  1. Sebastian says:

    I’ll stick to the vampires currently on show in Stuttgart, thank you very much.

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