Meeting old friends = meeting your old self

An Australian and a German try to find a Frenchmen in London – what sounds like the beginning of a joke actually was a long awaited reunion.

Look at me and tell me who I was and who I am.

Seven years ago I was fortunate enough to be taken on a trip to Sydney, Australia with my school. There I met the three most awesome guys – Tom, James and Murphy.

And yesterday I found myself literally sniffing my way through London’s ‘Earl’s Court‘ searching for Murphy’s wallet – a hilarious adventure and the first time I’ve seen Murphy again in all these years.

“Am I still how you remember me from back then?”, Murphy asked the seemingly crucial question over coffee.

The question of how much of our former self is left within us. Have we matured? Have we changed for the worse or the better? Have we been able to stay true to ourselves?

Is it at all desirable to have anything of your teenage self left within you?

Well, to answer that question you have to meet an ‘old’ friend that hasn’t seen you in a while but knows you quite well, I guess.

Because there is no way that your current friends or even your current self can answer this question.

By looking at them and searching for leftovers of the teen in them your own teen-self gets mirrored back at you. “You’re the same and then again you’re not,” Murphy summarised the rather confusing feeling.

It’s a weird mixture of memories, subjective perceptions and the current reality. They all blend together to a picture of the present-you plus meta-you, giving you a chance to look at the path you have come so far.

And then judge that.

The nicest thing is when you realise you have moved on, but not away but further towards your core characteristics.

One way of knowing that for sure is when Aussie-sniffing for a wallet in a place where you’re wondering about where the Earl lives with someone you haven’t seen for many years couldn’t be more amusing.

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One Response to Meeting old friends = meeting your old self

  1. Shubhda says:

    Beautiful piece:)

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