Will you still need me? Will you still feed me? When I’m 115?

The oldest woman in the world, Eunice Sanborn, has died at the age of 115 in Texas. She looks happy, doesn’t she?

Eunice Sanborn seemed to be happy about being 115 and therefore the oldest woman in the world. (pic taken from: about-knowledge.com)

Whenever I think of getting old (and that is surely due to my 23-year-old perspective on the world) I think of all the weird things that happen to your body.

Your heart gets weaker, your brain gets slower, you’re constantly afraid of falling and breaking bones – at least from what I’ve heard.

But when I look at my beloved grandma who is now 75 years old I can’t help but cast these fears aside.

She is smart, active, funny, wise and pretty. She is driving her own car without accidents and she is still living on her own. She never dyed her hair and she never lost her teeth.

Wow, I really hope I got a good share of her genes…

So in some cases there seems to be no need to stop wanting to become old.

One of my German doctors recently said to me that if Germany switched to a system similar to the British NHS it would only be to save money.

“With that health care people simple don’t get that old,” he said.

I’m wondering: Is there ever a time when you’ve had enough? When you think ‘now, it’s ok to go – I’ve seen it all?’

Or will there always be this little stingy feeling you had as a child when you were sent to bed early and you felt that you were missing out?

Why fearing death is a good thing

A psychologist said to me once: “It is very good to be dreading death – it is a natural reaction and means that you still have a lot to live for.”

Well, I’m not sure if I’ll be as happy as Eunice Sanborn should I ever turn 100 years old, but I guess as long as you have something to live for you’ll always look forward to tomorrow.

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