The whole city is a catwalk – London’s street fashion

Nowadays everything is about ‘real people’. TV shows aim to give us a glimpse of real life, documentaries are increasingly popular in the cinemas and the more personal print articles are, the better.

Copy the taste - the style lies on the street.

It’s no wonder that all fashion-hungry eyes turn towards the most genuine and pure manifestation of trends in London: its streets.

“Street fashion is all around you,” says Robert Cassidy, owner of London’s most established and popular street fashion blog ‘Style Scout‘.

He is normally found walking the streets of the capital, armed with his camera, on the hunt for the latest inspirations and quirks.

On his blog you can sift through hundreds of pictures of different people that all have a ‘certain something’; an indescribable air of unique glamour and style.

What is ‘street fashion’?

Street fashion means wearing anything that fits one’s own personality, mood, character or taste. You do not have to follow a certain designer or the latest fashion fads, you take single elements from anywhere you like and combine them to create your own style.

Katya Laroche, an American street fashion blogger, defines street fashion as not being “about having lots of shopping money or keeping up to date with celebrity fashion,” on ‘‘.

She says it is “about originality and the ability to apply style and design to what you wear, no matter where you got it”.

Street fashion photographer Robert Cassidy organises whatever he captures using his camera lens, into ‘tribes’.

“The new romantics are back, but right now they are not brave enough to say who they are,” Cassidy observed the latest trend on London’s streets.

He often asks for people’s taste in music to find out what tribe they belong to. “Music is a big influence on fashion,” Cassidy states.

Feel free to get inspiration from the streets

You are free to get inspired by any street fashion style that you come across as long as it suits your personal style.

Usually you can even walk up to these stylish Londoners, take their picture and get tips on where to find uniquely fashionable items.

Any element, big or small, can be used to enhance your own style. This renders your fashion sense a puzzle that is comprised of all the different aspects that make you who you are.

That is what Robert Cassidy loves most about fashion: Everyone is free to use it to express what is inside them. “I don’t believe in boundaries – all the walls should come down.”

Street fashion sets tomorrow’s trends

Of course, a certain bravery is needed to do that, as it literally means you are wearing your personality on your sleeves.

Designers tend to look to the streets for inspiration for exactly that reason: fashion does not get much purer.

So the next time you walk on the streets of London, take notice of the pieces of art strolling around you. You might spot something that you will see on the world’s fashion catwalks tomorrow…

Read more about things happening on the streets of London at Streets of London

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