To sing or not to sing – my split karaoke conscience

I used to believe that I could sing. I took lessons for years, sang in choirs and bands and genuinely enjoyed it. But at some point I stopped believing I was good enough and today I hardly sing. Therefore karaoke tempts and pains me at the same time.

Karaoke can be huge fun once you're up there.

When I was 16 I went to this club where they did karaoke and I remember singing My heart will go on. Oh, my. It is so embarrassing to think back…

Yesterday I found myself in a karaoke-situation again, a black folder full of songs in front of me – but I was glued to my chair (even though the bar was almost empty).

Not being able to get up and do something that I once counted to my passions shocked me a bit.

Therefore I found myself wondering what karaoke is all about and how it can actually be fun without a chance to fail.

How karaoke can be fun

  • Pick the right song. Right doesn’t mean super show-off (even though a lot of people do that because they still believe they should be TV show winners). Right means fun.

M. Rose has an impressive list of the ten best and worse categories of karaoke songs. Among the right ones are ‘girl anthems’, ‘80s pop-songs’ or ‘dancing songs’.

I suggest something that everyone is bound to know. That way they will be busy singing along even when you are not completely sure.

  • Take a friend. The old trick of not doing it alone. It doesn’t have to be a duet or a group song or anything.

It’s just to make sure that you’re up there with someone you trust, who belts into the mic with the same enthusiasm as you, which will make the situation hilarious.

More ideas for fun karaoke

  • Don’t sing 100 times within one hour. Even if you have the chance to do that. Give others a chance, probably there is someone shy out there how gets discouraged this way.
  • Have the right attitude. As wikihow points out: “Karaoke is about having fun, not getting a record deal.” Although some people seem to think that…

I noticed yesterday: if you manage to not take yourself seriously (witnessed a hilariously disturbing performance of Gay Bar yesterday), everyone will love you for it.

  • No shame. Don’t go all crazy if you miss out a line or if you don’t hit every note. A bit of jumping, hair-ography or a big smile will make up for that.


In one of my favourite How I met you mother episodes The Pineapple Incident Ted learns that karaoke means ‘empty orchestra’.

Well, I guess if I would manage to relax and pick the right song singing along with a non-existent orchestra could be fun.

I guess, someone just has to drag me with them the next time.You know now that it could reconcile me with karaoke and the ghosts of singing-teachers past.

And now a special candy: someone who takes karaoke too seriously. If he didn’t I am sure he could be a huge karaoke-hit…

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2 Responses to To sing or not to sing – my split karaoke conscience

  1. Melissa says:

    Thanks for quoting my article! I hope you find your way back to karaoke someday…make it a group thing and sing some silly songs to get back into it. That’s what my friends and I usually do 🙂 Great blog!

    Melissa (M. Rose)

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