Stumble into the new internet experience: StumbleUpon

Everybody is talking about Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, but hardly anybody mentions ‘StumbleUpon‘ when it comes to social networking sites. If you haven’t stumbled yet, it is about time – but careful: it is highly addictive.

StumbleUpon can turn your internet world around. (pic by wikipedia)

‘StumbleUpon’ is a so-called social bookmarking site that allows you to discover and share interesting links with a vast community of users according to interests and categories.

You can register easily through your FB account and then all you have to do is click the ‘Stumble!’-button to open up a whole new site of the web.

In the Firefox-toolbar (download here) you can then click ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ to rate the page you have stumbled over.

It is just incredible what you can find through this service: pages, pics and videos that you would never ever have come across without stumbling.

Stumble vs. other social media

It is about time that StumbleUpon becomes part of your social networking routine.

Not only because it is a lot of fun (and can make hours fly by), but also because the community is growing fast. (Read a German post about the growth of Stumble here.)

Already, Stumble is second on the list of competitors, not too far behind Digg, as Compete has found out and put into this graphic:


Stumble almost beats Digg, the unique users are increasing.

Here you can see that Stumble is close to Digg and much more popular than, the other two big social bookmarking sites currently on the market.

Why you should Stumble

On the one hand Stumble obviously is a great tool for all procrastinators:

You can just keep hitting that Stumble!-button and dive into the internet in a way that makes the internet and social networking as fun as FB was in its beginnings.

Because of the endless contributions you will most certainly find treasures that will surprise, amuse, enlighten and touch you like you wouldn’t believe.

Also, Stumble can be a good traffic generator for your blog as you can submit URLs to the Stumble-system.

Other stumblers will then come across your blog posts and probably even turn into regular readers if you manage to hook them.

Time to stumble!

As you can see, stumbling is a fun way of searching the internet according to your interests (which can include astrology as well as Islam, parenting or many others).

But you should make sure that you disable the ‘share on facebook’ option as this would post every link that you like to you wall if you connected Stumble with FB.

It is great to share these findings with your friends, but you should make sure to not annoy them with dozens of links.

Have a good stumble, everyone!

Find funny pics about the addictiveness of Stumble and another opinion on Stumble here.

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2 Responses to Stumble into the new internet experience: StumbleUpon

  1. michel stong says:

    Thanks for mentioning my ‘opinion’, I love StumbeUpon! Glad you like it, too. Great ‘how to’ article.

    • Hi Michel, thank you for your comment. I seem to like StumbleUpon way too much, as I keep stumbling away hours of my days. But you can always find some interesting stuff to blog about there, don’t you think?

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