What could the Queen possibly have in her handbag at the Royal Wedding?

The Royal Wedding is almost finished and on TV re-runs of this very special day are running over and over. I have to admit that the whole ceremony (lovely as it was) caused me to wonder about one unsolved secret: what did the Queen have in her little beige handbag?

Of course her handbag was much more royal... (pic by ningmilo)

Here are a few non-validated musings:

  • a wallet, keys, a clean handkerchief, glasses?

  • her mobile phone with ‘God save the Queen’ as a ringtone?

  • chewing gum?

  • a gun or pepper spray?

  • her ID or a set of stamps or coins in case she forgot the ID?

  • nuclear codes?

  • fags?

  • a bit of pasty wrapped in a napkin?

  • cough drops? (would be in my granny’s handbag)

  • lipstick?

  • her Oyster card/ freedom pass?

  • earplugs?

  • valium/ painkillers?

  • business cards or credit cards?

  • probably the handbag is bulletproof to fight off possible murderers?

  • free ballpens?

  • pictures of her grandchildren?

  • a pair of comfy slippers?

  • a hipflask?

  • dog treats, pooper scooper bags or a mini-dog?

  • an extra pair of gloves?

The more I think about it, the less I can figure it out. Why and what for would the Queen of the UK need a handbag?

Probably, it’s just because it is part of being a proper lady with a proper lady’s outfit, which – of course – can only be complete with a handbag – even if that’s totally empty.

Maybe she just needed a place to store the little programme in after the service was over?

Even though the content of that little beige royal handbag might not have been exciting after all, I would love, love, love to have a look in there.

Read how Douglas Ackerman’s points out one reading of the Royal Wedding that hasn’t been covered yet: William is damn lucky to have Kate.

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