Video interview with @sioksiok – the director of the first Twitter documentary ever: ‘#Twittamentary’

Tan Siok Siok, or @sioksiok on Twitter, has produced the first ever Twitter documentary, ‘Twittamentary’, during the last three years.

@sioksiok has come to London to present the Twittamentary in one final beta screening.

She has travelled America together with the New York artist, Geo Geller, to film some of the people behind the Twitterverse – following crowdsourced links.

A last beta screening before finishing the Twittamentary has brought her to London, after showing the documentary in a couple of venues across America.

In this exclusive video interview Siok Siok talks about how her relationship with Twitter has changed during the documentary.

She also addresses how Twitter will change the role of traditional journalism.

Watch the video interview here:

If you wish to take part in the global Twittamentary discussion, you can either add Siok Siok on Twitter or send a tweet with #twittamentary.

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3 Responses to Video interview with @sioksiok – the director of the first Twitter documentary ever: ‘#Twittamentary’

  1. All this about twitter yet after searching for 5 minutes I can’t find a link that allows me to follow you on… Twitter. 😦

    • Hello Stretch Ledford,

      thanks so much for getting in touch.

      Sorry, for not leaving my handle somewhere in the text…
      It’s @SteffiSoehnchen – can’t wait to add you to my timeline.
      (If you should want to connect to me on Twitter via my blog:
      You can find the RSS feed of my Tweets on the right side)


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