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Finding a normal sauna in London is close to impossible

It is rainy in England, foggy and cold – you would think that these people love spending time in saunas more than anything. Well, they don’t. As a German I am used to having a more or less fancy Nordic … Continue reading

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“kurz&lang” – German Bratwurst in London

A sausage is not a sausage – at least not in the UK. More than once I took a closer look at what was sold to me as one and then wished I hadn’t: most of the time they were … Continue reading

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German St. Martin – a charity model

Around the 11th of November songs sung by children can be heard echoing through German streets. Colourful lanterns shaped like stars, houses, animals and many other things float from door to door. It’s the day of St. Martin. As this … Continue reading

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‘Bravo’ hands out break-up-rules

Everybody seems to be breaking up these days. But breaking up is a tough thing. And somehow awkward no matter how smooth it goes. However, the website of the popular German teen-magazine „Bravo“ offers not only one, but several article … Continue reading

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A womanizer’s secrets – part 1

The German issue of Men’s Health claims to have a set of rules that turn every guy into a womanizer. They dug up a guy called Lennie, who seems to have all the answers. Men’s Health, who have an article … Continue reading

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