Further insight (about)

Journalism (and probably life itself?) is about solving puzzles.

The ‘Wh-questions’ are the frame. They are those pieces that have at least one straight end and you can easily tell whether you took all of them out of the box.

The pieces that fill the frame are the ones that are trickier to be found. And only if you find them all and put them together correctly, you will be able to see the whole picture.

My name is Stefanie Soehnchen and I am a (puzzle-solving) journalist. My specialties are lifestyle topics and writing profiles. But also I am interested in posing and answering questions about the everyday life and what surrounds us.

More details about me can be found on my websites www.crossmediajournalist.com and www.stefanie-soehnchen.de.

Note: All pictures that are not attributed otherwise fall under my copyright. It is illegal to use any of them without my permission.