Video Social Media Insight 07: Ways to do personal branding on social media

Where ever you interact: put your smile to it. (Image: Ambro)

Having an actual person to talk to rather than just a company logo open up a totally different type of dialogue with your stakeholders.

Many people feel that companies appears to be more approachable, more open and even more authentic when they have “real” people representing them on social media.

Personally, I am a big fan of that. Being able to talk to someone whose name and smile you know makes it more likely that you won’t resort to swear words or other inappropriate means to voice your dislike.

In this weeks video I explain some ways you can do personal branding for your social media efforts and why you should start with that today.

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5 Responses to Video Social Media Insight 07: Ways to do personal branding on social media

  1. sssourabh says:

    Awesome, informative post! Guess the fashion week folks were reading this too, since I wrote about how fashion week was totally DRIVEN by social media last season!

    • Hi Sssourabh,

      long time no hear. 🙂 The more I am happy about your comment.
      So many things seem to be driven by social media these day, don’t you agree – it seems to be everywhere.
      Personally, I am guessing this is due to the fact that we have become more adept to this way of communicating our personalities – and if that is true fashion is the next closest industry to that as it helps us express ourselves too.
      What do you think?


      • sssourabh says:

        I totally agree, its really everywhere. I actually find it gratifying to be on social networks. I’m quite active on … lets see, I think about 10 of them. (Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Lookbook, Tumblr, Linkedin, Flickr, Pinterest, Formspring, Carbonmade..) and I think there’s 2 more that aren’t coming.

        I’m actually personally passionate about social media marketing (obvi being a heavy user helps) but I think it breaks a lot of classical boundaries and helps expression, connection, and enables things to be very ‘current’. The downside is, its not forgiving for time! (i.e. I cannot NOW decide I want to reminisce about an event that was a few months ago). I’m sure there are other pitfalls too…


      • Very well phrased! It is everywhere – but that is also, because it is how we communicate these days. And thanks to smartphone we can do that everywhere too, about anything.

        Hahaha, thanks for that looong list of networks you’re involved in – mine looks about the same. 🙂 However, I am not sure whether it is not ok to remenise some event happened a while a go (on blogs maybe, but not on Facebook for example). I think communication wise there really are few limits, it is more what you say (or shouldn’t say) that I see as a “difficulty”.

        What do you think?

      • sssourabh says:

        Thanks 🙂 Actually I prefer being politely honest, so perhaps once this mindset change kicked in (whereby I wasn’t cautious and walking on eggshells, but simply candid/honest/slight-less-than-blunt), that I found it easy to say anything online.

        I think the backtracking has its pros and cons. Cons when, for instance on facebook timeline, I go back in the years and see some estranged memories. Pros since, if you do it on a page of a brand/company, it is interesting to trendspot evolution.

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