Video-Interview: Do women fail to rule social networks?

Women may not be dominant on SoMe, but does that mean they're insignificant? (Image: Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot)

On a networking event in Jan 2012 I was interviewed by Tanja Gabler about women and how they network. From the answers of my fellow interviewee I gather that frankly I wasn’t too far off with my assumption that women are shy due to social expectations.

In this video interview I talk about how women should transport their passion for any possible subject without thinking about what others think of that.

The video is titled “why women fail to rule social networks”, which I believe a little mis-chosen as women do “rule” Pinterest for example. And while I believe that men might be a bit more pushy about their own “brand”, I feel that female contacts are actually closer and therefore probably more valuable.

I believe that being authentic, passionate and dependable concerning regularity will lead to making your voice heard.

Female networkers out there: what do you think about this and how to you go on about networking and personal branding?

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2 Responses to Video-Interview: Do women fail to rule social networks?

  1. Hi Steffi, I chose the title “Why Women Fail to Rule the Social Networks” for my talk at the SXSW already last summer – too early to take Pinterest into account 😉

    • Hi Tanja,

      thanks very much for your reply and the explanation.

      The title is bound to cause emotional reactions and therefore should spark dialogue which is good – though I would have appreciated it if it was at least phrased as a question open to discussion…
      However, this is my personal take on things and I think it is good that this matter gets discussed at all.

      Thanks for putting the video out there.


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