Video Social Media Insight 08: How to use visual elements in the Facebook Timeline

Show what you haven't shown before on your Facebook Timeline for business (Image: arztsamui).

The launch of the Facebook Timeline for businesses has cause one mighty buzz. Gone are the welcome pages (like-gates), the navigation on the left with the customised tabs and the picture gallery on top. But there are new opportunities as well – especially when it comes to visual elements.

Of course there has been some talk about how to use the Cover picture (the big one sort of embracing your profile picture), but I felt that it was mostly legal talk on what you can and what you can’t advertise on there.

That is why I decided to talk about how I feel visual elements could be used in the new Timeline for businesses in a creative way.

How are you (personally and business-wise) using the Timeline visually? (I found a useful infographic which tells you exactly what measurements the visual elements of the Timeline have.)

And: here are a few of my favourite exmamples (American Express (App Tags), U.S. Navy (history part), Tifanny & Co., Dawanda Deutschland, Puma, dm-Drogeriemarkt (e-commerce), Krones (Cover & History & App Tags)) and my personal one.

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3 Responses to Video Social Media Insight 08: How to use visual elements in the Facebook Timeline

  1. sssourabh says:

    Hey! Good to see a post on timelines. Have you seen these awesome pics of timeline examples? I think they’d take forever to do, but are quite fun.

    Off topic, a WHILE ago, you had really liked my work on fragrances for guys, so here is a female scents list, picked out by a guy (i.e. me). Enjoy!

    • Hi!

      Thanks for the interesting link – it’s always good to get some more input from outside. 🙂

      And: even though I haven’t had time to look at your new post, I’ll make sure to do that soon – I love fragrances and as Coco Chanel said “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future” 🙂

      Hope to hear from you soon!


      • sssourabh says:

        There are many interesting ways to use Facebook timeline, even professionally – the link I sent you gives pointers and links to useful ways, so its quite refreshing. Breaks the resistance to change!

        And re: fragrances, thanks! I LOVE the quote!!

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