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Video Social Media Insight 05: How to prevent a Social Media crisis

Putting your company or brand out there for the whole Internet-world to see and discuss will lead to a dialogue with your stakeholders – but sometimes that dialog can turn into the unwanted situation of massive negative feedback.  In this … Continue reading

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Ad industry: no more anti-wrinkle-propaganda

One morning you suddenly discover it – the first grey hair. No surprised Facebook status updates, tweezers or hair colourings can deny that. But why does something like a single grey hair make shudders run down our spine? The quintessence … Continue reading

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Study about Social Recruiting: Trends and Developments

“What is really of interest for employees in social media” is a question asked by almost every E-Recruiter. In an empirical study Florian Schreckenbach (Taltential) tried to find out the answer to it together with Leena Volland. And the results … Continue reading

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A: Here is my darkest, most hurtful secret. B: Tell me all about it.

They say that it is best to not keep your problems to yourself but talk about them. But what if your problem is so big or so embarrassing that you feel you just can’t? Compassionpit.com is the solution. While stumbling … Continue reading

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Meg Pickard, the guardian, on how to turn readers into users

Meg Pickard, head of digital engagement for the British newspaper ‘the guardian‘, explains in this interview how newspapers can use the internet to interact with their readers. She reveals what the guardian does to offer user-friendly content and how it … Continue reading

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Five reasons why people use avatars instead of real pictures on the internet

“Do not put party-pics on your facebook profil as future employers might see them and then not hire you,” is the common advise people get and give when it comes to the usage of social networking sites. A lot of … Continue reading

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Internet address shortage might cut off Europe soon

Dr. Vinton “Vint” Cerf, one of the founding fathers of the internet, told the London Metro paper that the internet might run out of addresses in only six month. “If nobody does anything then the internet will simply stop expanding,” … Continue reading

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